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Heritages & Créolités


Rachel Weasel Fisher, aka Belette Demi-Sel is one-of-a-kind sailor of the tumultuous seas of the mind and creation. This must inherit some of it from her Britain roots even if she now lives and work in Montpellier on Mediterranean shores. Under her skillful hands, characters & creatures come to life on paper, on skin (she also is a tattoo artist) or in ephemerical fragile papercut installations.

She doesn't like being called punk because she is a very proud & sensitive person with a softy almost-childish fragile paper skin and a true love for things and people under a tough armor of criticisim and subtle dark humor. I say this is the best proof of it, as if portraying the world around her as a fantasmagoric bestiary of cute and adventurous animals were innocent and cute. Do not forget sometimes a thin paper sheet can be sharp & cut through skin as if by some of the most treacherous blades.

Her Art is deeply feeded by her attention to detail with a high degree of narrative construction in graphics depictions which reminds of the 19th century Cabinets of Curiosities and breathe inspirations of engravings and sketches from the explorers notebooks of another time.

She is definitely an Artist of the most plural identities, and a one to meet and follow.

    SUMMER Exhibition 2023 #01