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Summer 23 : Kreolizations & Heritages

  • Pitch

    Creole poet & activist Aimé Césaire once said "I accept my origins, but what will i build on ?"

    As time flies, long fought struggles end with some success & scars, while other are forgotten & injustice creeps back in. Consciousness of heritage is a blurry topic, suspended between romantism & ambitions, drama and irony, that is too critical to be dealt only by politics & academic elite. This is why artists exist.

    In a world torn between global & local, processing yesterday is the key towards inventing tomorrow, this is the way.

    This is Creolisation.

  • FMN / Oubli pa mwin

    Heritage Research project
  • Coryne Boyer

    Reunion Island
  • Rachel Weasel Fisher

  • JACE

    Street Art
  • TBK

  • Raymond Carretier

    Reunion Island
    July to Sept. 2023