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Heritages & Créolités


Former student of French Gobelins Art Academy, Coryne BOYER lives and work in Reunion Island as an emerging but thriving portraitist, graphic designer and painter. Curiously, she do not consider herself as an activist but more as a decorative artist (her facebook pseudo is Cocodeco974) even if her work is made of interesting paradoxes and she pro-actively evangelists creators through workshops and training sessions. Most of her creation uses low-cost and often considered as sub-culture toolset like "bic" pens with mastery.

Her favorite subjects focuses on heritage sites from Asia to Reunion Island where places, animals and artefacts are depicted in a suspended state of decay : between melancholy, relaxation and some eerie expectation for the certainty of an imminent disappearance.

Diving into her work is like travelling into a world of creole urban explorers, as if a forgotten corrugated metal sheet house - slowly swallowed by vegetation - have been some lost civilization temple through the eyes of an humble commoner.

Coryne will share a glitch of her creative process with our audience during the "Heritages & Créolités exhibition" via a recorded video available on display.

    SUMMER Exhibition 2023 #01